Boundary Survey


Boundary surveys are required for many reasons such as wanting to build a fence between neighbors, to establish setback lines, or to accurately determine the perimeter of a development area.  A boundary survey is used to locate the boundary corners and boundary lines of a given parcel of land.  This involves research of unrecorded records, public records and recorded records, field research and evidence collection on site, calculations of records and field evidence, analysis of evidence to determine boundaries, measurements and computations to set boundary lines or witness points in accordance with State law.  Easement lines, encroachments, and occupation may also be located in this type of survey if requested or deemed appropriate.  In the State of California land surveyors are required by law to file a Record of Survey Map in the County Recorder’s office pursuant to the Land Surveyors Act, B & P Code, Sec: 8762, or a Corner Record if appropriate pursuant to the Land Surveyors Act, B & P Code, Sec: 8765(d) when establishing a boundary opinion.  Boundary surveys should be based upon a retracement of the original surveyors work and a preponderance of evidence of said work, which includes record and unrecorded maps, historical field notes, a diligent search for field evidence, parole evidence, occupation, Senior and Junior Rights.