Expert Witness / Mediation Services


Lawrence Stevens possesses extensive expertise in matters pertaining to boundary disputes, mapping inconsistencies, and land use criteria.  He has provided this knowledge to clients, other land surveyors, and engineers having found themselves a party to legal disputes or in preparation for avoiding possible legal issues.  Having ownership of original maps dating as early as 1890, L.A. Stevens & Associates, Inc. is uniquely positioned to work with legal counsel in organizing and developing legal exhibits and defenses associated with claims made against municipalities, associations, professional land surveyors, and engineers.  Mr. Stevens is one of Marin County’s leading expert witnesses and has testified in numerous court cases, including the jury trial for the cause of the Buck Center Slide.  His key testimony was utilized in determining the cause and extent of the slide.  Through his relationships within the surveying and engineering community, Mr. Stevens was able to obtain the necessary documents and records during the trial in applied order to substantiate testimony.